Si vous n’êtes pas déjà en vacances votre pause estivale arrive certainement à grand pas.  Voici quelques expressions idiomatiques à mettre dans vos valises et à sortir pour épater vos proches !

8 idioms for the summer

Make hay while the sun shines

This expression means “to do something while the conditions are just right.”  That way we don’t waste time.

Example: We need to paint the garage and it’s a lovely day. Let’s make hay while the sun shines!

Like a cat on a hot tin roof

This describes someone who just can’t relax, and who is in a state of agitation.

Example: If I were you I would stay away from Bill for a while. He’s just come out of a meeting with his boss and he’s like a cat on a hot tin roof!

It’s raining cats and dogs

This describes heavy rain. Definitely not fun.

Example: It’s raining cats and dogs. Make sure you don’t step in a poodle! (lol)

A place in the sun

Much nicer, this describes an ideal situation, where you’re in your element.

Hayley was looking for the perfect job in communications for nearly two years and she’s finally found her place in the sun in a startup. She’s so happy!

Hot under the collar

This is used to describe an angry or extremely irritated person.

Ted was looking a little hot under the collar earlier! He’s supposed to be going away on business tomorrow and they’ve announced more strikes.

Full of hot air

This kind of person talks a lot but never delivers anything concrete.

I’ve just wasted an hour with a training salesman who was completely full of hot air. I need proper lessons, I’ll call Fluency Formation instead 

Storm in a teacup

This is a relatively unimportant situation which generates a lot of anger or worry.

Well that meeting was stressful! I hope the argument about our office supplies was just a storm in a teacup.

Indian summer

When the summer continues (or sometimes only begins) late and goes on longer than expected.

July was a bit diappointing. Luckily the forecast for September is lovely, we’re looking forward to an Indian summer.

Nous vous souhaitons d’excellentes vacances et sommes à votre disposition pour tous vos besoins en formation linguistique à la rentrée !